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Helps for; anxiety, PTSD, Complex PTSD, past stress and abuse, pet grief, living with addiction of your loved one, and generally when life is going to 5h!t

Basically, I am a Registered Nurse in Addictions, Post Graduate Qualified Counsellor in Addictions, Hypnotherapist/psychotherapist, Mindfulness Coach and educator, Reiki Level II, Intuitive and energy worker with Chakras and Tarot Cards!!!!

That is such a mouthful that I just call myself a Mindfulness Holistic Counsellor

I have worked in the military, prisons, ambulance service, detention centres, with mines, and alcohol and drug services. I bring both lived experience and book learning to my therapy​

Where mainstream meets alternative

I work between the two 'worlds' of mainstream  and alternative therapies. Stress and anxiety doesn't all look the same, so no one therapy will suit everyone, or suit you at every point in your life.

We can combine therapies to make your own special package, or attend for a specific therapy

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