Fully qualified Registered Nurse and Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling

Counselling is a private and confidential conversation between you and me. I will bring a new and unbiased view to your current situation.
 I am governed by regulations that require me to maintain records in a confidential manner, and only at certain times, when I am mandated by law, am I forced to breach that confidentiality.  At no other time can I tell anyone what we talk about in the session.  

I use a mix of counselling therapies, and my specialty is informal mindfulness and hypnotherapy and pet associated grief and loss.
If you are interested in 'energy' work, then scroll down

I can work with you to help:
Stress and traumas
Adverse Childhood Events
Interpersonal difficulties
Addiction issues for yourself or family members

Pet grief and loss counselling - "For lost and found pets go to www.lostpetfinders.com.au"


General Counselling


Same counselling session, but not in an office, let's get out to the beach or nature and walk and talk.  Bookings and prepayment essential. $80

  • I CANNOT make you do anything you don't want to do (cluck like a chicken!)
  • It is a relaxed state of mind and body so we can talk straight to your subconscious mind, without your thoughts interfering
  • Recorded session for you to repeat listen
  • Series of therapy appointments tailored to your specific situation (not a mass group hypnosis)
  • Suitable for improvement in your every day life, to find success, deal with past issues, increase self confidence, reduce anxiety, meet your goals... almost anything.
Personalised service tailored to your particular subconscious thoughts.
​$300 for 3 sessions upfront payment (4 hours)

Mindfulness is the art of paying attention, on purpose, in a particular way, to the present moment, nonjudgementally (as if your life depended on it) - Jon Kabat-Zin

In therapy, mindfulness can ground us and help us live day to day. It can assist in slowing down those racing thoughts, bringing us back to the here and now so we can move onto the tomorrow. 

It is a powerful tool and is found in many therapies such as Gestalt, ACT and DBT (if you know counselling therapies). It is fantastic for anxiety, trauma, building resilience, decision making, relapse prevention for addiction issues, living with a person with addiction issues, it is amazing to regulate emotions and reduce those angry emotional vomits we tend to stuck in.
Mindfulness helps us reconnect with ourselves, you know, that person who lives in side you

Soul Therapy
Intuitive Counselling is a little bit different from general counselling.  Be assured the same legal and ethical guidelines are followed in terms of confidentiality, professionalism and mandatory reporting.

An intuitive counselling session is not a mediumship or a 'reading' in the traditional sense.  Tarot cards will be used to assist the energies and intuition used during the session.  I will use intuition and 'hearing' to connect with your higher energies and vibrations. I am not a medium.

Just like counselling, intuitive counselling is used to help you become more aware of your present situations and offer coping mechanisms and insight. The session is present moment, not future predictive. $80
Energies for healing
I believe all human beings are energies manifested to a current human form.  We vibrate just like everything else does in this Universe.

I can often tune in to people's vibrations and use that to offer some insight.  

Chakra balancing and Reiki energies assist us as humans to get more intouch with our vibrational energies and feel calmer and more intune with our environment.  I can help you feel more balanced.  I combine this with a hands on technique of essential oil application to the back and feet (Aromatouch from DoTerra) $80

When we are in an environment conducive to listening, such as our healing environment, we give ourselves the opportunity to hear more clearly.  Sometimes we need a little help to listen or understand.
What to expect
One hour session connecting with our higher selves.
Time spent 'connecting' initially
Some insight or 'message' for your on arrival
I will consult the intuitive meaning of a Tarot card and I will also consult the 'book' meaning for you.

A general counselling session with the extension of energy intervention

Normal ethical and legal standards apply as per general counselling. $80

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