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Email:   [email protected]  with your name and the date and title of the workshop you would like to attend. Please also make sure you advise of the billing details including details of the area and person to be invoiced.


We will email you confirmation of registration together with our invoice.

  • More than 2 weeks notice incurs no fee.
  • Less than 2 weeks incurs 50% fee
  • ​Less than 7 days notice will not be refunded.
  • Another person may attend in your place


Payment can be made by Bank Transfer or Cash prior to the course delivery.   We do not have credit card facilities 

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  1. TBA
    Mini MIND-FIT Bootcamp $200 Graduates of Mindfulness Works only
    For those who have attended the 4 week Mindfulness Works Australia Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditations workshops. An extra 5 weeks to incorporate Mind Body and Soul to your Introductory workshops. This is a mini MIND-FIT Bootcamp. These will be delivered on the same night at the same time as the Introductory course for your ease of attending. The location may change. Begins 2 weeks after completion of the Introductory course Enrollments will be taken at the Introductory course
  2. 1 May 19
    Mindfulness Works - Mindfulness and Meditations Introductory Course 4 weeks
    This course is designed and developed by Mindfulness Works Australia and delivered by us at Symmetry Australia. 4 week introductory course to Mindfulness and Meditation delivered over 4 evenings once a week. Please go to the Mindfulness Works website or Facebook page for registration and payment and upcoming dates.
    Tuesdays 7pm
  3. 5&6 Mar 3 & 4 July
    Mental Health First Aid $270
    This 2 day workshop is an Internationally renowned course delivered in over 22 countries. It is designed to provide knowledge and understanding to participants to enable them to give support and assistance to a person demonstrating distress from a mental health crisis and/or illness. The course includes dealing with anxiety, depression, psychosis and substance abuse. Crisis interventions includes suicidal behaviour,self harm, panic attack, trauma, aggression and a psychosis episode. For more information on the course go to
    830 - 4
  4. 4/6/19
    MIND-FIT Mindfulness Bootcamp $250
    7 weeks @ One hour session. Thursday evening starting at 630. To to the MINDFIT tab on this site MIND-FIT Bootcamps are practical day to day informal mindfulness activities to improve your stress management skills and distress tolerance in day to day life. You are guaranteed a better mind set by the end of these 7 weeks. There will be physical exercise on some weeks, and it will be at your own pace THIS IS NOT A MEDITATION CLASS. Be careful... it may just change your life!!!!
    7 weeks
  1. TBA
    Am I a Counsellor!?
    This one day workshop will help in times you feel you are called upon to be a counselor, but you don't have the confidence or qualifications and fear you may not be able to assist. As friends or colleagues sometimes we can inadvertently enable a behaviour or even make the situation worse. Basic communication skills, listening skills and mindfulness are all helpful in such situations.
    TBA next